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  • The Maxims of Politics: Making Government Work

    • Award-Winner in the Business Category of the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards

  • Profiles in Optimism: Stories of Brave Individuals Who Looked at Adversity and Saw Hope

  • Sportsman Environmentalist

  • Global Solutions: Demanding Total Accountability for Climate Change

  • Truck Stop Politics: Understanding the Emerging Force of Working Class America


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  • “Winning a Government Contract:  Responding to RFP's and IFB's." Inside the Minds – Navigating the Government Contracts Process: Leading Lawyers on Understanding Timelines, Complying with Documentation Requirements, and Overcoming Common Challenges. Aspatore Books, 2008.

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  • “Property Rights and Forced Pooling Amidst the Shale Revolution.” Well Servicing Magazine (March 2015).

  • “Denton Hydraulic Fracturing Ban.” Well Servicing Magazine (January 2015).

  • “Home Rule and the Rule of Local Governments.”  Well Servicing Magazine (September 2014).

  • “American Energy Security from the Shale Revolution: A Blessing to Share.” Well Servicing Magazine (July 2014).

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Tom has been widely published in both legal and mainstream periodicals, including: UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy, Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, Campaigns and Elections Magazine, South Carolina Jurisprudence, Navigating the Government Contracts Process, Vital Speeches of the Day, and Well Servicing Magazine.

  • Friends of the Earth v. Laidlaw Envtl. Servs., 149 F.3d 303 (4th Cir. 1998), Counsel for Amici Curiae Chamber of Commerce, et al.

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